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High Culture Yogurt Creamy is a lifestyle brand that specializes in making all kinds of delicious dairy products. The logo is meant to communicate the opulent life style of the target market and demand for la creme de la creme. The logo is also based on the history of yogurt and its production.
Bondage is a first aid kit geared towards individuals who live a BDSM lifestyle. The alludes to the garments worn and physical activities performed.
Pupa is a company that sells eco-friendly coffins with artistic designs. The logo reflects the eco-friendly  and artistic nature of the products as well as showing references to the shape of the coffins.
kiddieEventfunds is a program created by an event rentals company to promote elementary schools to use the company's event products by giving them discounts on items. The logo shows the fun and colorful nature of the target audience while still keeping a more clean and corporate feel that reflects the company that started the program.
OKO is a clothing line geared towards toddlers that like to dress up and play pretend. All of the garments are animals. The logo is an abstract chicks head.
Printware is a logo for ceramic plates with graphic art. It is an homage to print work and the history behind it. This was achieved by creating a logo that looks like a woodblock. 

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