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T-Shirt Designs

Designs for several clients/projects through out the years.

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Below is a T-shirt design that was created through the Diaz Cooper Advertising Agency, they requested a typographical design for the front of the shirt that would compliment the existing restaurant logo for Angler & Ale. Angler & Ale is operated by the Hawks Cay Resort located in Key West,FL. 
The following is a series of T-shirt designs I was requested to do while working as an in-house graphic designer in the corporate offices of Dade Medical College, a for-profit medical school with several Florida locations.

[Psychology Culture Tees]
The tees are based on phrases familiar to psychologist such as Freudian and Jungian theories, and common psychology sayings combined with pop culture references.
[Conquer The NCLEX Tee]
The NCLEX is a  multiple-options exam for the licensing of nurses in the U.S that all nursing students have to take upon completion of their nursing program. With that in mind, tees were designed for students that passed their NCLEX exam.
[Hashtag Tee]
This design was created for students currently enrolled in DMC's nursing program.

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