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Personal Branding

Being a designer requires conceptual thinking. Since much of my work relies on disciplines that are not traditionally associated with graphic design, the goal with this system was to create a brand for myself not only as a graphic designer, but as a conceptual thinker. "Jax" isn't just the short version of my name, it's a homophone for the game of jacks. Even though jacks is usually identified as a child's game, for me it symbolizes my literal identity as a person and my creative identity as a designer and thinker. In a way, conceptual thinking is similar to the mindset of a child at play; it's a thought process that enables one to pick up as many ideas as possible -- creating unexpected connections. The system's colors were also chosen to represent this process, as yellow symbolizes intellect; white symbolizes hope and cleanliness; and black symbolizes boldness. The result is an identity that revolves around the idea of playful conceptual thinking, utilizing eye-catching components such as the board with the rotating JAX logo, the business card with UV spot printing on white (making certain elements visible when viewed at a specific angle), a giveaway shaped like the logo promoting my online portfolio, and an unconventional format for my resumes.

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